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At the law office of Perelmutter, Potash & Ginzberg, P.C., in Seymour, Connecticut, our attorneys provide professional and personalized representation in divorce, family law, personal injury, corporate tax, appellate law and more. When you are our client, we treat you with respect and compassion while we work diligently to protect your interests and those of your children.

We help people who are going through divorce to reach better settlements so that they have the resources they need as they begin their independent lives. We also have experience with high-asset divorce, helping reach better settlements when the marital property includes retirement accounts, business interests and other complex assets.

Mediation And Litigation


We resolve most cases through negotiation, mediation or trial as a last resort. These methods tend to be faster and less expensive than going to trial, and they tend to give our clients a greater degree of control over the outcome. They also tend to reduce the hard feelings that so often accompany disputes in divorce and family law, and this is particularly important for disputes over child custody, child support and other issues involving young children.

However, our attorneys have the skill and experience to argue effectively in court, as well as at the negotiating table. We take a case where it needs to go to get the best results for our clients.

Our experience gives us insight into resolving some of the toughest issues in family law, including relocation, parental alienation and protective orders to stop child abuse and domestic violence.

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For those interested in hiring an attorney with experience and passion, you can watch Jeffrey Ginzberg in action arguing before the Connecticut Supreme Court In Studer v. Studer. Attorney Ginzberg argued this high income inter-state child support modification dispute, which pits Florida law against Connecticut law where Florida allows indefinite child support for a child with disabilities. Connecticut cuts off child support at age 21.

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