Visitation Refusal in the COVID-19 Epidemic

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We are in a whole new set of complications because of Covid-19. The Governor’s guidelines on priorities, and the Judicial Department’s shut down is hampering the rights of many parents to see their children. In the normal times, we would simply file a motion for contempt. But now, we can’t get a speedy court date and obtain service of process easily. What this means will vary in every case. But in high conflict cases, alienation of the child will likely cause high anxiety for yourself and the child. An already tense parent – parent relationship will fracture. What can be done about it? There are a number of steps to take. First, call your attorney and see if a negotiated resolution can be obtained, even if it is temporary. Second, call your psychologist or therapist and see what techniques are recommended to calm yourself down, deal with the stress, and learn what not to say to the other parent, the child, third parties, and in posts on social media. Third, call the GAL to see if pressure can be brought to bear on the best interests of the child. Fourth, you may need to file a motion in court in advance of other matters after the court opens its doors. The important thing is to call us. We are here 24/7 to answer your calls and concerns. We will get to work right away to solve the problem.