Reach The Best Results In Divorce

The end of a marriage is a difficult time, and it’s normal to feel emotional as you’re going through a divorce. However, the rest of your life will be profoundly affected by the decisions you make during the process of dividing property and divvying up parental responsibilities. It can be crucial to have the help of a skilled family law attorney who can protect your interests and those of your children, and work hard for you to get the best resolution you can.

At the Seymour, Connecticut, law office of Perelmutter Potash and Ginzberg, P.C., we provide professional representation for men and women in divorce and other family law issues. We have more than 40 years of experience helping people reach the best results with issues such as:

We provide the high quality of representation you might expect only at a larger firm, with the personalized service you can only get at a smaller law office. Your divorce is highly personal, and you deserve a lawyer who can work with you to develop solutions that meet your needs.

We know how hard divorce and family law issues can be for our clients, and so when you come to us for help, we listen to you, and treat you with compassion as we work for your interests.

High Net Worth Divorce

No divorce is easy, but some are harder than others. In most divorces, the most time-consuming and technically difficult part of the process involves the division of marital property. When the property includes retirement accounts, stock options, business interests or other complex assets, division can be a very demanding process.

We work with valuation experts and other professionals to get a good sense of the worth of the property, and then use our extensive negotiation and litigation experience to help clients reach the best resolution they can.

Negotiation Or Litigation

Most divorces today are resolved through negotiation. We have extensive experience reaching good agreements for our clients this way. We have also had good results with mediation, when the parties are agreeable to this method of guided negotiation.

However, some parties just can’t reach an agreement about all issues on their own. For these cases, the best results can only be attained by going to court. We have extensive trial experience and can argue effectively for our clients in front of a judge.

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