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At Perelmutter Potash and Ginzberg, P.C., in Seymour, Connecticut, we help people resolve legal issues in divorce, personal injury, appellate law and other legal areas. Some of the toughest cases are in family law.

Family law is a loose category covering legal issues related to marriage, domestic relations and children. Our experienced family law attorneys help people with issues such as:

These are highly personal issues, and they are often painful for the people involved. We treat our clients with respect and compassion as we work hard to protect their interests and those of their children.

We often use mediation to resolve family law disputes. This method of negotiation tends to reduce the bitterness and harsh feelings that can so often go along with these disputes, and, as compared to trial, it gives our clients more control over their own outcomes. However, we have skills and experience in traditional courtroom litigation, as well, and are always prepared to take a case where it needs to go in order to help our clients get the best results.

You can read more about how we help clients with property division, alimony and other divorce-related financial issues here. Below are some brief descriptions of how we help clients with other issues related to divorce and family law.

Child Custody And Visitation

A dispute over child custody and visitation rights can be painful, whether it is part of divorce proceedings or after the divorce, or it involves unmarried parents. We defend our clients’ rights, further their interests and, most importantly, protect the best interests of their children.

We help people develop parenting plans through negotiation or mediation, and make sure children have the resources they need through child support.

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse And Alienation

Domestic violence and child abuse present unusual legal issues that involve both family law and criminal law. Our lawyers have the skill, knowledge and experience to help with these difficult cases. We help clients acquire restraining orders to protect themselves and their children from abuse.

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